Many people have a Costco membership as you can save money when buying in bulk, but are you truly getting the best deal every time you go to Costco? As it turns out, just because it's at Costco, doesn't mean it might be cheaper at, say, a different Costco or even be discounted further on a later date. How you can tell are in the last two digits of the price. Here's how to get the best deals at Costco.

  • Price ends in .99
  • It means it's at the regular price. Nothing wrong with that, but there's a chance it may be cheaper on a later date.

  • Price ends in .97
  • This is a price as decided by the store's manager. Probably the best deal you'll find.

  • Price ends in .79 or .49
  • This is a price as decided by the people who made the product. Often times it's a new product that they're testing out.

  • Price ends in .00
  • Often times, these prices are priced to sell. Sometimes they're overstocked so they just need to move them out.

  • The price tag has a * in the upper corner
  • If you see any of the prices above with the asterisk on the label, too, it means that once the item is gone, it's gone and may not be there the next time you visit Costco.

    I hope these helped. Happy shopping! Save me some poppyseed muffins.

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