Be extra cautious, of you could, when you're driving to work on Wednesday morning because it's International Walk to School day. This may be new as I've never heard of it before this year, but coming on Wednesday, October 9th, is International Walk to School day. It's a day designated for your kids to get a little extra exercise and fresh air while it saves you gas money. I have to applaud that, for sure!

Now, back in my day (early 80s) everyone walked to school, it seemed. I remember regularly walking to and from my elementary school when I was growing up - even accompanied in kindergarten. Sure, it was only 8 or 9 blocks and I didn't have to cross any busy streets, but now everyone is acting in the sense of safety. Myself included. Although I trust my girls to walk by themselves, I also want to be with them to make sure they make it home okay.

Even though it's only a few blocks from where we live to where my girls go to school, I'll be walking that day to take part. Maybe we'll find a secret route we enjoy. Not the 'through people's backyards' routes that we used to do in our day, but it should be fun.