We watched super hottie Jessica Biel grow up right before our eyes as the eldest daughter on ’7th Heaven’.  Now she’s apologizing for her sexy behavior as a youth, but we’re hard…ly offended.

In the April issue of ‘W Magazine’, JT’s bride-to-be takes off (most of) her clothes and talks about her reckless behavior as a youngin’. She admits to liking pits full of snakes, playing sex with Barbies, and having strippers on the set before describing her girl-on-girl scene with Kate Beckinsale in the upcoming remake of ‘Total Recall.’

As if we weren’t already jealous of Justin Timberlake with his ridiculous talent and stubble, he is also engaged to the absolutely stunning Biel. We can only imagine they will make the most beautiful, talented babies ever…and then get divorced by the end of the decade. Isn’t that the script?