Star of one of my favorite films of all time, Grease, getting an oily finger pointed at him...

In addition to a spa rub-down and “glues” work, John Travolta also allegedly enjoys a nice neck massage. A nice, gross neck massage. According to former Royal Caribbean cruise steward Fabian Zanzi, the Old Dogs actor allegedly asked for and received a very special, very inappropriate neck massage from him in 2009, when Zanzi stopped by to deliver something to Travolta’s stateroom. While TMZ located an official incident report about the encounter and it doesn’t mention any sexual harassment, Zanzi is now adding some previously undisclosed details to his story, allegations like “Travolta opened his robe and gave him a big hug while his penis was erect … and offered him $12,000 for sex and silence.” Fanzi was allegedly punished for giving the neck massage, even though giving the neck massage seems like it would itself be a form of punishment. In fact, it’s a Catch-22! It’s a vicious cycle of open robes and bear hugs!

Since he’s had to deal with so many similar claims over the past week, John Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer was quick to deny the charges, claiming, “The incident report now confirms Mr. Zanzi fabricated his story about my client. He never stated that my client did anything wrong. Obviously, if he had engaged in any inappropriate conduct he would have reported it to his supervisors.” This story begs a lot of questions, most importantly: John Travolta takes cruises alone? How is that even possible? You’d think someone would notice a solitary Tony Manero hanging out near the seafood buffet, right?

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