Folks, Sunday night was the happiest day of my life as a WWE fan. John Cena got screwed!

No knock on granting 500 wishes at the Make-a-Wish Foundation, but come on. I am tired of his same old boring routine. Thank you to Jon Stewart for hitting him with a steel chair.

When Stewart showed up at WWE Summer Slam with that chair last night, everybody figured he was going after wrestling bad-guy Seth Rollins. But no! Stewart took it to Cena!

Hopefully John Cena finally turns heel after this and becomes a bad guy. This is the same crap that almost killed Hulk Hogan's career. Over-saturation has become a problem and it's time to build new heroes.

I know I am part of the minority here, but give other stars a chance to fill that role and trust me: When John Cena becomes a bad guy it will add another dimension to his character.

#salute Jon Stewart