It's hard to believe there was a time when Myspace was the leader in social media. Justin Timberlake wants to bring that notion back to reality. He unveiled his plans to reboot Myspace into more of an interactive TV service.

He said

“We’re ready to take television and entertainment to the next step by upgrading it to the social networking experience. Why text or email your friends to talk about your favorite programs after they’ve aired when you could be sharing the experience with real-time interactivity from anywhere across the globe?"

Basically, if there's something funny happening on TV, the moment it's happening you can contact your friends which will make them turn it on as well. I'm not sure how 'real time' it is or if both parties have to be watching TV at the same time for this to come in - maybe if you have an internet ready TV it will give the other party the option to switch over - I'm not sure, we'll see when we get more info from Justin Timberlake. Should be interesting.