The news is out that Avril Lavigne (Teen Pop Star) and Chad Kroeger from Nickleback (supposed hard rock band frontman) are engaged to be married...I'm sure most folks didn't see that one coming. Let's take a stroll down memory lane on some of the oddest couple pairings from the last 20 years or so...

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    Katy Perry and Russell Brand

    Teen Pop Sensation and sugary sweet Katy Perry and wise-cracking English jokester Russell Brand looked great on paper...not. I think trouble started brewing for this twosome with the infamous tweet of Katy in bed without her makeup thanks to Russell...and then it continued to roll down hill from there. They divorced earlier this year and Katy is still begging Russell to stop talking about her...not sure that is going to happen anytime soon.

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    Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

    "and they said "this" wouldn't last?" as MJ plants one on LMP at the MTV Music Awards in the early 90's ...and it didn't. Michael Jackson surprised everyone in the world in 1994 by marrying Lisa Marie Presley. The marriage didn't last but did get the honor of landing #4 on our Top 5 list.

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    Taylor Swift and John Mayer

    Sweet Little Taylor Swift and Lothario John Mayer. They meet during some recordings in late 2009 and split in early 2010. Her song "Dear John" is supposedly about him and their relationship. John Mayer is known supposedly in musical circles to be a womanizer.

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    Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston

    Bad Boy Bobby Brown and church raised choir singer Whitney Houston meet in 1989 and married in 1992. Bobby was already in trouble with the law and Whitney preceded to become involved in alcohol and drugs during her marriage. They divorced in 2007 but the damage was done as Whitney passed away earlier this year.

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    Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett

    The big shocker from 1993 as Julia Roberts married country crooner Lyle Lovett. Julia "America's Sweetheart" took a wrong turn as the marriage lasted only two years and they divorced in 1995. Julia has gone on to date several high profile men and even left Keifer Sutherland at the altar in June 1991.

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