Radio Personality 'Kid Kraddick' died suddenly Sat. 27th over the weekend in New Orleans. Born David Peters Cradick had one of the biggest syndicated morning shows in Dallas, TX (Kiss FM) 'Kidd Kraddick in the Morning'. With an estimate 100 cities around the world listening to him every morning he was one of the Biggest personalities in radio. While working everyday, Kraddick was also giving everyday. His charity 'Kidds Kids' was founded on the premise of making a difference in the lives of children with special medical needs.

While golfing at a charity golf tournament for 'Kidd’s Kids', reports that Kraddick died of a brain aneurysm. Joe Jonas and Kelley Clarkson have taken to twitter to express their grief along with the rest of the radio community. Our thoughts and wellness our with the Cradick family.