Right now I am supposed to be working, but all I can think about is the fact that I need to rethink my plans to get myself a fancy new piece of jewelry for Mother's Day, because my daughter needs a new pair of shoes-AGAIN!

I suppose I will end up this afternoon heading over to the mall and buy my five-year old daughter, Willow, a new pair of sneakers. She has already worn out her current pair of shoes that she received as a present from her father just a two or three months ago! The sneakers look so worn out now that you would think they had been bought about ten years ago.

Why do little kids have to wear out their shoes so quickly?

Ain't nobody got money time for that!

Speaking of my little stylista, Willow has a pair of Uggs-esque shoes that she loves to throw on when we are going on a few errands. I told her that with the heat and 80 degree temperatures are here, she can't be running around wearing those Uggs.

She totally disagrees with me, though.

"It's too hot to be wearing those boots, Willow! You'll be getting too sweaty in them. "

"No, it's NOT too hot to wear them, Mom!" she retorts back.

What's up with all this sass-talking to moms at age FIVE?! I mean, if we're arguing like this over a pair of boots, I am frightened to think about every thing we will disagree about when she's a teenager! Oh brother! At this rate, I'm thinking about getting my child a pair of those shoes that grow along with them!