Redfoo and Sky Blu may just make up the popular group known as LMFAO, which announced earlier this year that they would be on hiatus for a while, but the "Party Rock Anthem" singers have one more member you just may or may not have heard of: Granny Goodfoot!

That's right, Granny Goodfoot is their biggest fan and just happens to be, the real Grandma.  She has even made an appearance in the video!  Granny, who lives in Oregon, boasted to a local news station in her hometown,, that she just loves her grandson's and even says: "Aren't they the cutest?"  When granny was asked the true meaning behind the LMFAO name, she said it actually means Love My Friends And Others and she helped them come up with it.  Of course, we have gone all this time thinking it meant - laughing our a... ok you get the picture!

Granny Goodfoot, the down to earth looking woman, was caught showing off her garden, as any granny would.  Her home is covered in pictures that her and her little fluffy dog were proud to talk about.  But don't let any of that fool you - granny is also on twitter and if you want to find her, just do a search for her official hashtag: #staypimpin - you read it right!  Granny Goodfoot is the perfect blend of sweet and rockin' and all I can say is, it's obvi - everyday she shufflin'!