In recent years, the hop industry has really taken off on a local level. I mean, we've always had a huge hop industry as the Yakima Valley accounts for 75 percent of the U.S. hop crop, but it's gained a much higher local profile with new breweries like Yakima Craft and Bale Breaker popping up.

Can you do more than just make beer with hops, though? Apparently, the answer is, "Yes!"

Introducing LolliHOPS from Yakima Hop Candy. Yes, it's a hop-flavored lollipop and you can help these become a reality.

Heather Hadsel got the idea to make and distribute LolliHOPS but could use your support. She has a GoFundMe account set up if you wanted to buy into her business. Your donation won't go unrewarded. In funding this project you'll have a chance to get some LolliHOPS before anyone else.

via Heather Hadsel

Friends have given thumbs up to my base recipe that I still plan to tweak for varieties ... grapefruit, pine ... rose?! If only so I can be cheesy and call them RoseHOPS™

If this is something you or someone you know would be interested in, click the link below to find out more and place your order.