As I'm getting ready for the home buying seminar at The Buyer's Agent this Saturday, I thought I'd look at a few houses that are for sale. Because I didn't want to bother anyone who was currently living in their house as they often need 24 hours notice, we decided to look at a couple of HUD Repos. As I'm still learning, I found out that a HUD Repo is basically a house that was foreclosed so the bank took it back and are re-selling it at a discounted rate. Because of the quick turnaround, sometimes they need some additional TLC when you buy them as one of them didn't even have carpeting or anything, just some boards where a proper floor or carpet should be.

Another one we saw seemed to be in pretty good shape. Even had a hot tub in the backyard that my wife would like and a walnut tree which I would like. Of course my kids noticed the swing on the tree so that was the one they wanted, as if they were making our mind up for us. Still, some pretty good options available with HUD repos, especially if you plan on doing some of your own work on the house in the first place. Me, I'm not really into redesigning anything or modifying anything so HUD repos may not be for me. It's still an idea worth looking into, though.

A third house we looked at was in decent shape. It was listed as a 'quick sale' which the people at The Buyer's Agent can put in better words than I can. It's something like If I'm interested in that house, I have to put in a request for that home and there's a 90 day waiting period for whatever reason. Still, I'm open to all options. It was in a great neighborhood, close to shopping but far away from any busy streets. Again, needed some TLC like painting the walls, fixing a couple of the floors - stuff like that.

It's nice to look at as many houses as I can to give me a good estimate of what kind of house I'm looking for. I have my list of things that I need. Fenced back yard, 3 bedroom, at least 1.5 bath. It would be nice to have a garage, it would be nice to have 2 full bathrooms, but it's not the deal breaker.

I'm going to find out more on what I can expect this Saturday at The Buyer's Agent home buying seminar. You should join me!