My wife's grandmother has been staying at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital for the past few days due to pneumonia. I've made a few stops but, like many, I have trouble finding parking at Memorial Hospital.

I usually have to park across the street at the Memorial Foundation center. It reminds me of living in cities where the local hospital has valet parking. Could we get that here, too, please?

It was nice -- all you have to do is drive right up to the front door. A couple of people would be available to park your car for you and give you a ticket -- free of charge. Once you were done with your visit or your stay, you'd hand the guy your ticket and he'd grab your car for you and pull it up front. It was so nice!

So, I wonder what it would take for us, here in Yakima, to have valet parking at Memorial Hospital so we wouldn't have to worry about the slim pickin' parking selection.

Any ideas? Post them in the comments.