Graduating this year? Off to your own pad or off to the college dorms?

I graduated in '99 from South Kitsap High School and decided on Eastern Washington University to continue my...genius.

Leaving the comfort of my parents' house was tough at first, but I was surrounded by students going through the same thing. Most of the friends I made my first year were from the Yakima area actually. I stayed on campus only my first year in college. I was not suprised to see tons of parties, drunken hookups, basically, ALOT of stupid mistakes young people make. But, that's life...

My second year in Cheney, WA, was in a small apartment just off campus. Here, I learned how to budget and manage the resposibilities of living without the help of my folks.

Here I am today, 32 three jobs...and still learning.

What's your story?