For the first time my daughter can remember, she saw a whole, rotisserie chicken. To her, 'chicken' is what comes in pieces at KFC. She asked what it was, I told her and asked her to share some with me. She had a concerned look in her face, start talking about something - I told her to hold that thought, whipped out my camera and asked what was wrong. Here's what she said about me eating a whole chicken.

So, she wants you to stop eating chicken so the mommy chickens will be a mom to her babies and the baby chicks can have a 'mama'. If you don't comply, she thinks you should go to jail.

She's also a big, fat hypocrite. As soon as I stopped filming, she ranted for a few more moments and then decided to eat with me.

And I know my place is trashed in the background. I just got back from shopping and nothing was more important than sinking my teeth into this chicken.