The Morning Maddhouse reported this morning that Nicki Minaj started a verbal fight with Mariah Carey on the set of American Idol.

Here is the complete story

At ‘Idol’ auditions in Charlotte, N.C. today (Oct. 2), Minaj and Carey got into an argument over a contestant’s performance. Minaj, seated at the far left of the panel, and Carey were separated by Keith Urban, who was seated between the dueling divas. It’s a little hard to make out what everyone is saying in the clip because of the background noise and bleeping, but you can hear Minaj yell, ”If you got a problem, handle it! … I told them, I’m not f—in’ putting up with her f—in’ highness over there.” Yikes!

TMZ reports that Minaj also threatened Carey, saying, “I’m gonna knock you out!” However, that wasn’t caught on video. It’s difficult to hear what Carey says back to Minaj in the video, but she’s clearly doing her diva moan and saying “Why? Why? Whyyyyy?” You can also clearly see her pointing at the Harajuku Barbie. Carey even tweeted, subtly, about the incident: WHYYYYYY ...this coming from KFFM sister website

The video of the fight has now been pulled down but take the KFFM poll. Do you support Team Nicki or Team Mariah?