You see them all over town, in your schools and it's what all the celebrities are wearing. Skinny Jeans are this decades version of the bell bottom as far as fashion trends go, but how safe would it be to break them in to your contours? This guy didn't wash his jeans for 15 months!

A University of Alberta student didn't wash a pair of skinny jeans for 15 months and science says the fashion trend is safe, but maybe a tad smelly.

Josh Le wore the same pair of jeans to break in the raw denim, so it would wrap the contours of his body, leaving distinct wear lines.

Although you probably have a few friends who do this, maybe even do this not for the sake of fashion but because they're just too lazy to do laundry. Good news is that it's perfectly okay. He even had his school's professor test them for bacteria before he finally washed them. He found 5 kinds of bacteria, but all were safe. Gross, but safe.

via CTV News.