It's been a hella busy week for me, don't know about you.I've even been stressing about planning a birthday party next month for my daughter who turns 2 years old! Thanks to some listeners on the show tonight, I have decided to quit stressing over decorations and just focus on making this party one to remember!

The theme: Strawberry Shortcake.

The place: I dunno.

There's always the old reliable Kids Castle, and Meadowbrook Family Fun Center...But this year, I think I'm going to go DIVA STYLE, with the unexpected! I'm going to have it in a hotel suite or banquet room: bringing in a mobile Mani-Pedi lady and a Reflexology pamperer for the Moms, and then throw in some cupcakes & pudding with sprinkles for the kiddos! K.I.S.S! Keepin' it simple, stupid! And if my 2 year old wants to wear the Strawberry Shortcake costume I bought her (on sale during Halloween), then all the better!

Here's to little kids b-day parties!!

Gotta go now! I've got to get started on Willow's B-Day MixxTape!