I just finished watching Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Why does this movie have to be SO friggin sad? All these EMOTIONS, I tell you!

I felt pity for people living isolated lives of poverty (in a bayou or even closer to home). I felt empathy for the little children living in verbally or physically abusive homes. I felt the heartbreak of seeing a parent die of disease. And my heart continued to break thinking of those all over the world who have faced losing their humble homes, villages, and property due to natural disasters, only to end up as refugees living in shelters.

While it's not my intention to be depressing or meelancholy on this cold, cloudy night, I do hope that you hug your little ones a little extra tight tonight and give them extra kisses and tell them how much you love them. Appreciate and be grateful for all the things and people you have in your life right now.

I know I sure do.

I hope the movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild, wins all the Oscars it's nominated for on February 24th!