Finally! After months of suspense and teases, the peeples at Paradiso have finally released the lineup. They had me hook, line, and sinker when they announced that KASKADE was going to be a headliner on Saturday. (Please note: Kaskade is one of my all-time favorite dj's EVER.)

The Paradiso people have been making Facebook promises that this lineup was going to be out of this world. So please pardon my disappointment that I don't recognize 98% of these people.

Who can I twerk to? That's what I want to know.

I am scrolling through this list, wondering who most of these people are...Let's see who I actually recognize.

Crystal Method. (OK, that's a good one.)

Eric Prydz. (I've heard him, I like him.)

Head Hunterz. (I've heard some of their remixes before.)

Madeon. (I've heard their stuff on Pandora.)

Wait. That's it? What? So besides Tiesto, Kaskade, and the dudes I listed above, I only recognize about 10% of the performers. And I spent, like, $300 on this ISH! *breathes into paper bag*

That's okay. I am going to go to this music festival, surrounded by 10,000 of my closest fb friends, and party hella hard, as though I know every song by every body up on that stage. I have to because did I mention I spent, like, $300 on these tickets??!!

Are you going this year? Who are you excited to see?