Truth Time - I don't watch the Super Bowl. I know and understand that 100 Million people watch the Super Bowl each and every year, some people turn it into a family tradition - there was even talk about turning the Monday after the Super Bowl into a national holiday. I do love the commercials but now that all the best Super Bowl commercials are coming out on YouTube before the game, I have no reason to watch it. So, since everyone else is watching the Super Bowl, here's what I like to do in Yakima when everyone else is stuck in front of the TV.

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    Go Shopping

    Benefit: No Lines

    One thing I do every year is I try to make it to the supermarket to do a little shopping. Especially more popular places like Walmart or Costco. A Costco trip without any lines is as good as heaven to me.

    John Riggs, Townsquare Media
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    Go Out To Eat

    Benefit: Don't Have To Wait For A Table

    Any nicer place will do. Red Robin, Olive Garden, doesn't matter to me. I feel like a VIP anytime I usually have to wait an hour to be seated to have the host or hostess say "Table for 5, no problem, right this way."

    Flickr, madciapka
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    Go For A Drive

    Benefit: No Traffic

    Whether you're just driving somewhere downtown Yakima or in the Union Gap shopping district, now would be the time as everyone else is off the roads, it makes driving in those normally congested areas a breeze. I've seen worse roads on Christmas day than I've seen on Super Bowl Sunday.

    Flickr, burity
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    Go To The Movies

    Benefit: You Get The Best Seats In The House

    The Yakima Cinemas are open all year round and what a better time to watch that new movie, or that movie that you haven't gotten around to watching, during the Super Bowl. This would also be the best time to bring your kids to the movies if they don't like crowded places. Should be pretty open.

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    Go To Church


    Of course, it is Sunday but I've noticed quite a few people are mysteriously absent from church on Super Bowl Sunday. Eh, I don't blame them. When in doubt, of course, it is Sunday, go to church. You'll be better for it.

    Flickr, mbush_utah