I was at Red Robin with one of my daughters the other day when I was casually standing around waiting for her to be done in the restroom when I noticed this marked up wall corner. I totally remembered there used to be a cigarette vending machine that was here.

I don't know this because I smoked or anything, but because I'd go to Red Robin all the time and go straight back to the arcade to play some Double Dragon, Cyber Ball or whatever video games they had at the time. Even in the early-to-mid 80s I thought it was odd that anyone could just walk up, pop in five quarters (I seem to remember it was $1.25 for a pack of smokes back then) and you'd get your cigarettes. Nobody to card you, nobody to stop you. I wonder how many kids took advantage of this back in the day. Probably enough, I'm guessing, to make them remove it.

Again, I didn't smoke, but being the gamer I was, I also remember someone saying they wanted Marlboros when I thought to myself, "they have Mario Bros cigarettes?"