Twitter was all abuzz this past Sunday with news that songstress Nicki Minaj was out there offering to pay off people's student loans! The catch (of course there was one) was that you had to show her proof that your grades were all A's and that your college/university could verify your claims.

I must admit, I was seething with envy! How amazing it must be for those fans to receive such a kind and generous gift from one of their favorite celebrities, especially since they were already blessed with the opportunities to make all A's in college!

Hey, if it worked for fans of Nicki Minaj, maybe it will work with fans of Remy Ma, amirite?
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***Please Note: Before the complaints start rolling in, yes, I will be paying off all my student loans on my own! I wrote this blog in jest. No, I do not expect anyone to help me take care them except me, (unless I win the lottery)! But hey, you never get what you don't ask for, amirite! ;-)