Yesterday, I took my 2 year old to see Sesame Street Live. It wasn't her first concert, mind you. Her very first concert was some show I saw at The Seasons Performance Hall, when she was just a wee little thing growing inside my uterus (lol, sorry to gross you out). She began thumping her little feet against the sides of my intestines, to the beat of the drums playing at the show.

When Willow was just 2 days old, I took her to an art gallery opening. (Again at The Seasons, is there a theme here?)

But her very first "concert", the one where she pulled a ME and tried to bum rush the stage, was a few months ago in Seattle, when I took her to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live. Willow attempted to bum rush the stage a reported 8 times. She couldn't grasp the point that you can't just run up on the stage and say "Hi!" and give out hugs to DJ Jam Master Rock, or Toodie, or Muno, and/or Flowbee or whatever his name is.

She pulled the same moves yesterday at Sesame Street Live, and tried to bum rush the stage, a LOT, this time to go say "Hi!" to Elmo...Cookie Monster...Abby...and Bert & Ernie (whom she refers to as "Bernie"). I finally grabbed her by the baby crotch and carried her back to our seat to relax and regroup. She promptly put her fingers in her mouth and sat still for about 20 seconds before she was up and at em again, this time grabbing the hands of toddler passersby to dance with her to the beat of the next Sesame Street Live song. She had a blast and that's what is all that matters!

A friend of mine managed to snap this photo of us. I will treasure it forever. (And whip it out when she goes to prom with the high school football quarterback.)

Courtesy of the Official Facebook Page of Reesha Cosby