When it comes to having a Christmas tree set up in your living room or family room, there's nothing like going with a real tree. The scent of pine fills the air, it's a much more natural approach. Sure, there's the clean-up and keeping your tree hydrated, but if you have the option to go with a real tree, I'd say go for it. If you don't want to pay the $5 permit and chop your own down, here are a few places in Yakima to buy a Christmas tree.

  • McIlrath Family Farms

    Starting the day after Thanksgiving, you can go to this local tree farm and select the exact tree that you'd like. Some as all as 15 feet, but if you're in a small place like a studio apartment and can only accommodate Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, they can help you out, too.

  • Fred Meyer

    There's nothing wrong with using the garden center for your Christmas tree. You'll find a nice quality and selection and, the best thing about buying a tree at Fred Meyer, you can do the rest of your Christmas shopping while you're there on the same receipt.

    Flickr, CMG0220
  • Russell's Nursery

    When it comes to trees in Yakima, Russell's Nursery is the place to go any time of year during any season and Winter is no different. You can get a traditional Christmas tree or you can go crazy and get a different type of tree in a fun shape like a spiral. They have lots of options.

    Facebook, Russell's Nursery
  • St. Joes Bingo in Union Gap

    You wouldn't really think about going to a local bingo hall to buy a Christmas Tree, but if you're in Union Gap it's the place to go. They'll have the size, shape and price you're looking for.

  • A.C. Davis Baseball Field

    In support of the Davis Booster Club, instead of doing a car wash or some other kind of fundraiser they sell Christmas trees, and why not? 'Tis the season of giving so buying a tree from the Davis boosters also helps out the local high school.