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I Want To Lose Weight But How Do I Start?
My trainer Tanner KICKED my butt today at the gym but wanted to take a moment to share some awesome advice he gave me for ANYONE trying to get a bit healthier
Someone Is Always Watching! Can You Identify These Men?
I love ya, have family from the area but you just made it on the national news for some HORRIBLE behavior. So let's set an example for future would be criminals. Get these guys caught and keep trying to have productive days.
Did You Ever Get The Paddle in School?
So I am reading here that a Georgia school has decided to reinstate a paddling policy! Dang it! Have you ever been paddled in school? I have! Hahahaha! (I can laugh because it happened to me, right?)
Candyman, Candyman.. I Won't Say It Anymore But He Still Could Be
I witnessed my most terrifying childhood movie memory when I was 10 years old. The first time I watched the movie Candyman, and to this day I still remember exactly what happened. Jordan Peele could be bringing that experience back to the big screen!
The Tieton River And Osprey Rafting Want YOU To Ride The Rapids!
I definitely recommend this river to ANYONE who is looking for a white water rafting adventure. It's a perfect way to literally dip your toes into the experience for first timers or get a little reminder if it's been a while since you last went!
BBQ with the Cops this Sat Sept 8th at The Range
Saturday at The Range, 1701 Garretson Ln, Yakima, WA 98908, from 12pm-3pm there will be a BBQ with the Cops :) $5 a plate will help benefit Children's Wishes and Dreams right here in the Yakima Valley!