The days become shorter as the sun sets quicker. As Summer comes to a close in the Yakima Valley, there are always things to look out for as the autumn months begin. Here are our top 5 signs that fall is officially here in Yakima.

  • The Insane Supply of Apples

    Being that the Yakima valley is known for their apples, around here people know that as fall begins, a huge supply and variety of apples come through. A ridiculous amount, really. Too many, it seems at times. Good news for us apple lovers, they're pretty much always on sale during fall. It's also the first time you'll see honeycrisp apples, those gigantic, woman's softball-sized apples.

  • You Rake Your Yard Of Other People's Leaves

    If you live in a house in Yakima, or live in a place where you have to do your own yard work, just about every house in Yakima has a tree, sometimes more. Not only will you be raking your leaves just about on a daily basis, chances are you'll be raking the leaves from the tree next door. Something to think about if you're buying a house, check the trees of your neighbors. If they're evergreen you're good to go. If you have some sap dropping tree with millions of leaves, keep it in mind.

    Flickr, terren in Virginia
  • Men Start Wearing Their Shirts In Public

    Oh. Thank. God. I'm not sure what's in the water for men in Yakima, and not just good looking, fit, athletic men in Yakima but your average dude, that they often times go shirtless as they walk around Yakima. Casually walking down the street as if they forgot to put a shirt on that day believing they've got the body of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. As the days get cooler they'll save you the vomit bag and throw on a shirt.

    Flickr, albany_tim
  • It Starts to 'Smell like Halloween'

    It's a remarkable aroma that you won't find in a bag of Harry Potter jellybeans. I'm not exactly sure what the combination of smells is that immediately takes you back in time to when you wore a plastic mask with rubber band and character matching smock for Halloween. It's a very cool, crisp essence. The best I can come up with is dried leaves, fresh pumpkin and nutmeg.

    Flickr, Matti Mattila
  • Every Bar And Most Restaurants Have Football On Mondays

    The good news about Autumn in Yakima is that there's football at just about every bar, restaurant and establishment that has TVs on the wall. The bad news is there's football at just about every bar, restaurant and establishment that has TVs on the wall. Bad news for me who doesn't care about football. It's about unavoidable but in order to lure you in to their place most places have 'football specials' on the menu - specials that count even if you get food to go.