Over the weekend I was driving down Nob Hill with food on my mind (as it usually is). Seeing that 'Sloppy Slaw Burgers and Ribs' on 33rd and Nob Hill is now open I thought I'd check them out. Although the burgers looked good, the items that intrigued me was their 'Slider' made with a sliced doughnut instead of a tradition bun. There was no way I was leaving without trying this.

Just to verify what I was reading, I asked the lady what it was. She told me they take a Krispy Kreme doughnut sliced in half and grilled with a quarter pound patty, bacon and american cheese. I jokingly asked how much the stomach pump would be after I ordered one. Still interested I ordered one.

First impression: Delicious! Sinking your teeth into this bad boy you immediately get that sweet, glazed doughnut flavor followed by the bacon cheeseburger flavor. All together, a great combo that I didn't think I'd appreciate as much as I did. Because it is, after all, a grilled doughnut cheeseburger I would only order one at any given time, but it may be worth checking out.