If you are like me. Just rolling out of bed and waking up in the morning is a miracle. But having a morning routine will help your day go a little bit smoother. Same thing if you work at night. These activities will help you get your day going. The order of activity and length is up to you. If you already have a daily morning routine, Check the list to see if you want add or improve on something.

  • Drink water

    Drink a glass of water when you get out bed. This will help you re hydrate. And help with digestion when you have breakfast.

  • Meditate/visiualize

    Take some time to meditate. Clear the mind. Just that moment of silence will put you at ease. Unless you have the kids in background. Then get your spouse out of bed .And have them take care of the kids for a while. Just visualize what you want in life. A new car, house, more money.

  • Exercise/yoga

    Do some jumping, push ups, or something to get the blood moving. This will lead to weight lose. And gain more energy to start your day.

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  • Journaling

    Take some time to write down some goals. Or even a to- do list. Writing down ideas then read them out loud. Will put more action to what you wrote down.

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  • Affirmations

    Look into a mirror and say something positive. For example "Today I will get that promotion." Or " I am a sexy mofo.' Whatever gets you thinking in a positive way.

  • Read a Book

    Pick a book to read. Get a small library of your own going. Read about ten pages a day. It's up to you. Feed the mind. Get a book about making more money. Don't like to read? There is always an audio book to listen to.

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