Occasionally you get lucky and the officer pulling you over lets you off with a warning. A State Trooper has been fired for writing a warning rather than a speeding tickets

It happened in Florida State as a Florida State Trooper pulled over a State Representative. The politician was going 87 in a 70 zone and the State Trooper let him off with a warning 'citing him for no proof of insurance.

The lawmaker had license plates that identified him as an elected official. The State Rep. didn't like that the State Trooper allowed him a break and thought the officer was giving preferential treatment to law makers so he wrote the officers superiors and requested a reprimand.

The officer has sense been fired and is in the middle of a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal.

I think we all have been pulled over before and been grateful for a warning so do you think the politician overreacted and this firing went well beyond a reprimand?