Once upon a time, my wife had a long day with the kids. She was completely exhausted when I got home, so I opted to make dinner. That's a win for me because I love to cook. Looking in the fridge and pantry, it was one of those situations where we didn't have much in the way of making something new and I didn't feel like making a trip to the store. I grabbed a few things we had, put them all in a pot and now, it's something my wife asks me to make regularly. Here's what I did.

My ingredients were steak, bacon, potatoes, a little milk, some dehydrated mashed potato stuff and whatever seasonings you want to use.

We had some leftover steak from the night before. It wasn't enough to feed our family of five, but it's something I could sure add in something.

We had potatoes. We always have potatoes.

In the freezer, he had a packet of bacon inconveniently hiding underneath a box of Eggos that the kids never touch. They don't touch them because it was my own fault for grabbing some multi-grain waffle without really looking at what I was reaching for.

So, I had the leftover steak, which I easily chopped up. Potatoes, which I cut into squares, boiled for a moment, pan-fried them with garlic salt and some herb (cilantro or basil, I don't remember) and added them to the steak, which was already warming up in a giant pan on the stove.

The bacon, easily enough, I cooked, cut into quarters so each strip was four chunks and added that to the mix, too.

Stirred it all together, added a little milk and a little dehydrated mashed potato mixture to thicken it up a bit and, viola ... I don't have a name for it, yet. My wife just says, "that steak, bacon and potato thing you made that one time," but I'll come up with a name. Maybe you have a good name for it? Tell me in the comments below.