I'm a huge fan of Storage Wars on A&E and now one of the stars has filed a lawsuit claiming that storage units are "salted".

Dave Hester, the so-described "Mogul" has been with the series for 3 seasons. He was asked to come do a 4th season of the hit series but complained that the series producers were salting the storage units for bigger viewer payoffs. It is such a weird news item in my opinion.

The show has made Dave Hester a star and household name "YUUUP" and now you bite the hand that has feed you. We are now into the 4th season of the show so to cry wolf now seems a little odd.

I guess Hester decided that he had enough money from the show and decided to grow a conscience...I'll be interested to see how this ends, only for the fact that the suit should be dismissed and we all should once and for all realize that "reality" TV isn't really "reality" TV.