Right after high school I used to work at a local drug store that was open Christmas day. Most people would peak inside and ask "are you open" and I would assure them we were. I didn't mind working on Christmas at this time because I was by myself (and the time and a half plus holiday pay was excellent). I understand it's that one day out of any day of the year to spend time with your family, but sometimes you need to pick up something. Here are five places in Yakima that are open Christmas day.

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    Not only is Shari's open on Christmas day, they're serving a Christmas dinner that includes pie for a great price. If you don't feel like cooking, or even if you just feel like going out for dessert, head over to Shari's.

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    Walgreens, with three convenient locations in Yakima, is open Christmas day from 9am - 6pm. This is a perfect location if you forgot to get batteries, blank cds, a memory card for your new digital camera or even if you forgot something simple to eat, they may have it on the food shelves at Walgreen's. If your Christmas is as chaotic as mine, you may need to make a stop for the Tylenol.

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    Gas Stations

    I'm sure there are, but I don't know of any gas stations that aren't open on Christmas day. Not just to fill up on gas, but also a great location to grab a quick drink if you need an extra bottle of wine or something. The Apple Bin on Nob Hill saved my skin more than one year.

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    The Movie Theaters

    Yakima Cinemas are open on Christmas day. In fact, many people in Yakima have made it a tradition to watch a movie on Christmas as a family. Most of the time there will be a new release on Christmas day just to accommodate this. If you're looking for something to do with the family and you're already bored with your new presents, go see a movie!

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    Blockbuster Video

    Your best bet on Christmas day may be to chill at home and watch a movie. Blockbuster Video is open on Christmas for movies to rent as well as video games. If your grandma got you a new video game system, but no games to play on it, make a quick trip to your local Blockbuster and rent a few.