One of the most popular and talked about parades in all of Washington state, let alone the Yakima Valley, is the lighted implement parade that the city of Sunnyside has hosted for over 20 years and has even been featured on A&E's Ultimate Holiday Town USA a few years back. It's happening once again this year on Saturday, December 3rd starting around 6:30-ish.

What makes this parade unique is that while, yes, it also has floats featuring local champions, schools and royalty, it also features farm implements and vehicles covered with lights. There's something oddly cool about seeing these tractors and other farm vehicles lit up with flashing festive lights. And, in Sunnyside, we wouldn't have it any other way.

If you're looking for a vantage point, the parade starts on Warehouse Avenue, heads down 6th Street, turns on Edison and makes it's way to the Mid-Valley Mall parking lot. Like most parades, there'll be candy and other trinkets like necklaces available for on-lookers, but they're not allowed to throw them at you so just be close to the curb and your kids should walk away with some candy and other fun items. Swing on by and make sure you look out for us as we'll be in the parade, too.