As I was walking out of my ukulele lesson from Taylor Music at Sixth and North Yakima, I spotted this little building across the street. Right behind Miz Dees' BBQ was a small, white building that said Sweetie Pie Baby Cakes. Better yet, it said open, so I decided to pop in and see what they had.

Right up front, I saw a display of cookies. Gigantic cookies. It was also cool to see old cake-baking tins in the shape of popular characters like the Care Bears and Elmo. Off to the side I saw another display case full of cupcakes of various types and flavors. They even had gluten-free cupcakes. Traditional and unique flavors I never thought of for a cupcake -- like root beer float.

That's also when I noticed they had chocolate-covered bacon and chocolate-dipped potato chips for sale.

I spoke briefly to the two ladies who were there at the time, bought a coconut cupcake and headed back to work.

I'm always down for new businesses in Yakima -- especially bakeries. The cupcake I had was totally decent and am looking forward to trying the rest.