Why You Should Let Your Freak Flag Fly
I've been a big fan of being yourself at every situation. Sure, you can tone down your fandom if it's not appropriate, but if you love something, let others know about it because it may come in handy like this box of Atari games and He-Man figures I just received.
Relive the Past with My 80’s and My 90’s TV Online
I'm a huge fan of retro - especially the 80s and 90s. I grew up in the 80s and went to high school in the 90s so I have a fondness for the pop culture of the time. I loved the TV shows, loved the music and I miss the cartoons. I even miss the old commercial that would come on back then. Fortunately …
See the Cast of ‘Say Anything’ Then and Now
When one thinks of ‘Say Anything...,’ John Cusak, holding a boom box above his head and serenading Ione Skye with the Peter Gabriel song ’In Your Eyes' likely comes to mind.
But beyond that iconic scene, Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut is p…
Betty White Dishes Out On Her Golden Girl “Co-Star”
Though their chemistry on 'The Golden Girls' was Emmy-worthy, Betty White is now claiming that co-star Bea Arthur wasn't a big fan of hers.
"Bea was not that fond of me," White told Joy Behar on a recent episode of 'The Joy Behar Show.' "I don't know what I ever did, I don't know. But …