Single Car Non-Injury Accident On Hwy 12 On Ramp
21 year old Raymond Kelly (pictured below) said he may have been going a little too fast for the on ramp to Hwy 12 West from I-82 South. Kelly said his left tire caught the gravel on the left side (photo below) of the on ramp which may have caused him to overcompensate to get back on the road causin…
Fatal Accident on I-82 Closes Westbound Lanes
A fatal accident on Interstate 82 has closed the freeway's westbound lanes, forcing traffic to detour onto State Route 821 (the Canyon Road), according to KNDO.
The multicar accident, which killed one person and injured several others, occurred near milepost 21...
Truck Driver Kills Light Pole In Broad Daylight
As I drove to work at 5 this morning, I noticed all of Yakima Avenue was pitch black. Turns out, a big tractor trailer truck struck a light pole and took it out! He straight killed it! And the driver had no CDL license! So that explains the power failure, in case you were wondering...
Crashed Car Turns Upright – Rolls Into a Ditch [VIDEO]
Just when you might be thinking you're having the worst day ever, it pales in comparison to this guy. After the car crashed, a crane was used to turn it upright. Unfortunately, the breaks weren't on so the car then rolls right into a ditch. "You have to be kidding me...
Linsday Lohan Involved In Huge Car Accident
Lohan was driving her black Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway when she slammed it into the back of an 18 wheeler.
TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was involved in a car accident as her black Porsche crashed into an 18 wheeler.

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