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Our Psychic Medium & Animal Intuitive Is Back At 4pm PST
Share with your friends and family because sometimes the message might make NO sense to you but then you ask someone who is close to you and they TOTALLY get it. The more the merrier. Happy Wednesday and really looking forward to connecting with you.
Melissa Henyan Our Resident Psychic Is Back At 4pm PST
We start off taking phone calls on the air at 4pm PST our number is 509-972-1073. If you are not able to tune-in with the radio at 107.3 KFFM you can also stream at or even download our free app at the google play or apple i-tunes store!
Resident Psychic Medium Melissa Henyan Returns!
We're trying to give you the MOST chances to connect with her, so please make sure to like our facebook page KFFM also you can follow us on our Instagram as well 1073KFFM and get ready because about 4 p.m. today.
Have You Ever Gone to a Psychic?
Call in if you like at 509-972-1073 or even find and like our 107.3 KFFM facebook page as she and i will be going live on there as well :) We are going to begin about 4:15pm-4:30m :)