Where to Find Arcade Games in Yakima
Growing up in the 80s it wasn't uncommon to find an arcade game or two at any gas station, most grocery stores and, of course, restaurants and pizza parlors. Those days are long gone, but we still have a few arcade machines around Yakima. Here are a few places where I've spotted them.
How I Hit the Jackpot on ‘Storm Stopper’ in Arcades
At some arcades, you may see the game where the light bulbs spin around and around the machine. You push the button stop it and receive the number of tickets the number lands on. Seems simple enough. There are also designated 'jackpot' areas where if you can stop it on there, you win the j…
Gamers Owned by Arcade Boxing Machine [VIDEO]
Unless you have formal training in punching things, an arcade boxing machine is not something you should try out in front of other people, as the chance of embarrassment is quite high.
That goes double for taking a video of your first attempt at the game, as the two young men in this video so unfortu…