Autism Awareness Night at Gymnastics Plus was a Blast!
Every year Gymnastics Plus and Kids Castle open their doors to kids with autism to let them roam free, play on the equipment and be amongst their friends. This day is one of the highlights of my son's year. I can't thank Gymnastics Plus for doing this.
Today, April 2, is National Autism Awareness Day
Although April is reserved for Autism Awareness Month (which I still think should be Autism Acceptance Month) April 2nd is considered the day for Autism Awareness Day. It's hard to describe Autism without exaggerating or downplaying any of the symptoms.
My Autistic Son Spends a Magical Moment with Santa
Our local Children's Village hosts a Christmas-type party every year that features arts and crafts, games and Santa is there with gifts for everyone. My autistic son, who doesn't like to be around strangers or like to be held, found something about Santa that made him pull up a seat right …

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