12 Baby Animals You Didn’t Know Were Adorable
When it comes to showcasing adorably tiny animals, we usually stick to puppies or kittens or the occasional piglets with people clothes. It's just a standard go-to that never fails to brighten our days or make us "aww!" for hours. Of course these furballs are great and all, but did you kno…
Adele – A Forgetful Mom?
There are many things that new moms forget to do, but that is because they have a new amazing baby in their life and of course only want to spend time with the baby!  I sure forgot things like appointments for myself, returning missed calls, replying to emails - but I had something far better t…
Jessica Simpson Shares a New Pic of Daughter Maxwell
Sometimes we wonder what it’d be like if we were famous – -mind you, in our warped minds, we’re total A-listers — and if we’d share personal photos of our kids on Twitter. But Jessica Simpson just shared an adorable picture of her baby girl Maxwell Drew and that seals the deal for us; we’d totally p…
See a Photo of Adele as a Baby
We know, you already marvel at Adele‘s beauty as a curvy, thick-haired, gorgeous-faced adult. But did you ever wonder what the ‘Someone Like You’ singer looked like as a toddler? Turns out she was cute as a freakin’ button.
Adorable Twins Have an Epic ‘Pacifier War’
Adorable identical twins Lillian and Diana Bajorek wage war over a single pacifier by forcibly removing it from each other’s mouths. Babies are undeniably cute, but as this video shows, sharing just isn’t part of their vocabulary yet.

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