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Couple Breaks Up During ‘Kiss Cam’ at Baseball Game
The 'Kiss Cam' has become a tradition almost as beloved and honored as the game, itself. It's when, during an intermission of sorts, the camera pans the audience looking for couples to give a quick smooch to everyone watching, showing their love and affection on the large screens they have at the ar…
6 Movies To Help You Break Up With a Girl
Are you lazy? Do you not want to deal with the fuss of breaking up with your significant other? Do you want to drop a blatant hint without having a three-hour conversation about the relationship? Here is a list of six movies to aid you in the process of breaking up with a girl.
Lady Gaga Breaks Up With Boyfriend Luc Carl
It appears it was a bad romance after all: According to the Toronto Sun, Lady Gaga has officially split from her 30-year-old boyfriend, drummer Luc Carl.
Gaga confirmed the news Friday during an interview on 'The Graham Norton Show.'
"No, I don't have a boyfriend and haven&apos…