Save the Yakima Trolleys Car and Bike Show
A Saturday fundraiser will help keep the Yakima Valley trolley system rolling -- it's a car and bike show, with lots of food and fun. All proceeds go toward the Yakima trolleys.
TACOMA Lady Wins Big!
Sheree Heil from Tacoma, WA, played the game, "Gas Money", on The Price is Right, and won the biggest car given away on that show EVER. Madness ensues!
Rich Man Buries His Car for a Great Cause [TWIST ENDING]
Meet Thane Chiquinho Scarpa. He's one of the richest men in Brazil and he announced, no too long ago, that he wanted to bury his car, a one million dollar Bentley, so he may use it in the afterlife. Once this was announced, everyone was jumping on his case for not donating his car for charity or any…
How To Unlock Your Car Using Just Your Shoelace [HOW TO]
I, once, locked the keys in my car, with the car running and the headlights on, when I went to pick up my date. Instead of going out immediately, we had to wait until my friend could drive to my house, grab my spare car key and drive it to where she lived which was 20 minutes outside of town. (true …
Dashboard Cam Caught Plane Crashing Into Road [VIDEO]
"in Russia, plane takes you!" Okay, so that wasn't very funny, nor did it make a lot of sense. What happened in this video is a plane crashed hard into the water (it looks like) and ends up crashing into the road. A driver happen to have a dashboard camera and caught most of i…
50 Cent Credits His SUV for Saving His Life in Car Accident
50 Cent is on the mend after being hurt in a car accident last week. The New York rapper was in his SUV being chauffeured when a Mack truck rammed into the back of his vehicle, which almost caused it to flip over. Fif and the driver suffered only minor neck injuries in the fender-bender and are grat…
50 Cent Involved in Car Accident
50 Cent was hospitalized in New York early Tuesday morning (June 26) after suffering injuries in a car accident involving his SUV and a Mack truck , according to his website

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