Things I Learned Going To Court In Prosser
I was off the show yesterday because I had to go to court in Prosser.
I had gotten a speeding ticket at the end of last month on the river road outside of Prosser. The Prosser Police have a little speed trap along the Yakima river and it was my own fault because I knew the Police would be sitting the…
Lindsay Lohan Heads Back To Court
Is Lindsay going to become jailmeat? Probably not, but we'll find out tomorrow, as she heads back to court on charges that she violated her probation.
Lindsay's new lawyer, Mark Heller, has been very busy defending her and coordinating some sort of plea deal with the court...
This is What Happens When You Flip Off a Judge [VIDEO]
You can't tell me a time when you've been staring in the face of authority with an urge to flip them the bird. You don't because you're an outstanding citizen and respect their authority and, you know if you do, you'll get in even more trouble...
Shocking Courtroom Drama for Katt Williams!
A fortune teller cashier was punched out slapped at a NYC club Target in Sacramento by a celebrity!
Previously, this celebrity ensued on a dramatic (and hilarious) police chase on a 3-wheeler on a sidewalk!
Bartenders and patrons were cussed out by this celebrity in Seattle...
Diddy Sued For $900 Billion On Several Unreal Claims
Someone wants Diddy's dirty money, and I don't mean Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper. Some woman, who's obviously out of her mind, is suing Sean (Diddy) Combs for several reasons. I swear, she was just making up most of these claims on the spot.