The Best Way to Eat a Cupcake [VIDEO]
I was presented with a common dilemma: not knowing how to eat a cupcake the right way. Do you dive in, frosting first? Do you dare attempt to eat it sideways? Someone recently told me the best way to eat a cupcake. Here's what I found out.
Do You Dare Try the Bacon Chocolate Cupcake in Yakima?
As is one of my new traditions since they opened a few weeks ago, after my music lesson at Taylor Music, I walk across the street to Sweetie Pie Baby Cakes and grab a quick treat. Today I saw these chocolate cupcakes with bacon, not only on, but in them as well. Do I dare?
New Bakery in Yakima Offers Cupcakes, Cookies and More
As I was walking out of my ukulele lesson from Taylor Music at Sixth and North Yakima, I spotted this little building across the street. Right behind Miz Dees' BBQ was a small, white building that said Sweetie Pie Baby Cakes. Better yet, it said open, so I decided to pop in and see what they ha…