Kim Kardashian’s Dress: Hit Or Miss?
Everybody who keeps up with celeb gossip has probably by now heard about (or seen) the photos of various celebrities who showed up and showed out at the Met Gala red carpet.
People in particular zoomed in on Kim Kardashian' s Givenchy floral ensemble
New Dress Becomes Clear When Aroused!?
WOW! Finally a way I can tell if my girlfriend sees something she "likes!" This dress, dubbed "Intimacy 2.0" is opaque, or white; But when the wearer's interest is sparked by something that excites them, for example their lover, a coworker, or maybe a cute gu…
Lady Gaga’s Dress For The Inaugural Ball
I told you the other night on the radio that Lady Gaga was invited to perform at the exclusive Inaugural Ball party for President Obama and all the staff in the White House, and to go to the party, all you had to do was pay $10 bucks!
Lady Gaga wowed the crowd wearing a huge white dress...