Where does Washington Fall on the ‘Drug Use by State’ List?
No doubt about it, drugs are everywhere. Even with all the attempted to 'clean up our streets' and cartoons and deaths of celebrities due to overdoses, some just aren't getting the message. WalletHub ranked every state based on drug use and addiction along with law enforcement and reh…
Big Boi Of ‘Outkast’ Arrested For Drugs
Big Boi, the second half of the Hip Hop group ‘Outkast’ was arrested over the weekend in Miami for drug possession.  He was charged with three counts of possession, he had ecstasy pills, MDMA Powder and Viagra and could be hit hard as all of the charges are felonies...
Man Shortchanged in Crack Deal Calls 911 for Help
These days, everyone's counting their pennies. So when 41-year-old Dexter White got ripped off in a crack cocaine deal this week, he called police to fix the problem.
The South Carolina man told police he had given $60 to a drug dealer for crack, but only received $20 worth of drugs.