Miss Me With That Mess: A Light-ER Causes Wetness
Today's MMTM takes us to Morgantown, N.C., where an impatient woman used a lighter to create massive havoc in the ER.
Katlyn Milligan had been waiting in the ER of Carolinas HealthCare System-Blue Ridge in Morgantown for about two hours while one of her relatives got treated for a back problem..…
Krya Sedgwick Chops Vegetables And Finger
Kevin Bacon's beautiful wife, Kyra, was chopping vegetables and accidentally chopped..... her finger.  So, like a good husband; Kevin naturally snaps a photo and posts on WhoSay.  OF COURSE!
All is well, after spending the day in the ER, Kyra left with a huge bandage and a snap happy husband :)