Kids Magic Trick Fail [Video]
Not sure what they are saying but somthing about a magic trick or knocking his lil brother out and left to be blamed for the mess....
Oven Falls On Girl While Planking [VIDEO]
Planking is that lame new fad that kids today will make fun of when their older much like how we thought the 'mullet' hairstyle was cool back then, but not now. These kinds of videos are the only planking videos I can stand to watch - the ones where they plank and karma slaps them around f…
Escaped Prisoner Caught When He Knocks on Guard’s Door
There’s a reason men don’t like to ask for help.
A prisoner who escaped from the Olympic Corrections Center in Washington State was captured Wednesday after he knocked on the door of a resort cabin in the woods, only to find out a guard who works at the facility was re…
See a Three-Minute-Long Snowmobile Wreck in Stunning HD [VIDEO]
Snowmobiles are among the most dangerous vehicles out there, and you can see why in this video shot from the helmet cam of a French adventurer.
After losing control of the snowmobile, the man tumbles down the steep incline he was attempting to navigate. Finally, he is able to control his fall in a wa…
Woman Develops Foreign Accent After Oral Surgery [VIDEO]
Any type of surgery can leave you dealing with some serious side effects, but 56-year-old Karen Butler has experienced something especially peculiar. Since her oral surgery a year and a half ago, the Oregon woman has spoken with a bizarre English-meets-Irish-meets-Russian accent.
Man Shortchanged in Crack Deal Calls 911 for Help
These days, everyone's counting their pennies. So when 41-year-old Dexter White got ripped off in a crack cocaine deal this week, he called police to fix the problem.
The South Carolina man told police he had given $60 to a drug dealer for crack, but only received $20 worth of drugs.
Figure Skater Finishes Routine After Breaking Nose [VIDEO]
Canadian figure skater Eric Radford looked like a hockey player after he completed his pairs routine at the Skating World Championships in Moscow on Tuesday.
That's because his partner ,Megan Duhamel, unintentionally elbowed him in the face on the way down from a toss, leaving Radford's nos…

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