Fake Justin Bieber Waves To Fans
Justin Bieber was in Germany not too long ago. One of the people staying in the same hotel decided to capitalize on the notion by seeing what it's like to be that famous. He dolled himself up and waved to the Bieber fans off the roof. If only they were close enough to see that he clearly looks …
Live Action Angry Birds: The Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
Rooster Teeth, an Austin-based gaming website, is well known for its hilariously re-interpreted live-action video shorts. One of its recent videos, an Angry Birds movie trailer spoof, has now taken the Internet and gaming world by feathery storm.
Super Mario: The Movie [VIDEO]
This is so brilliant there are hardly words for it. Basically, someone with a passion for video games, a video camera, a few close friends and a lot of time on their hands made a mock-movie trailer for what could be a Super Mario Bros. movie - and I'm not talking about that terrible one from th…